Greetings from Olga Rostropovich

My Dear Friends,

It is with particular joy that I welcome you again to the Mstislav Rostropovich International Festival in Moscow. This year the Festival has reached its fifth birthday, our first small but significant “anniversary”. In all seriousness, such an anniversary is the summation of an enormous amount of work undertaken over a relatively short period, as well as representing the experience and authority of the Musical Foundation, which Mstislav Rostropovich created nearly 20 years ago. At such times it is appropriate to point to our achievements and draw some conclusions. For me, it is a matter of pride that the Festival occupies a noteworthy place in the cultural life of the capital, has become an important part of the concert schedules of many brilliant soloists and world-class orchestras, and equally a highlight in the calendars of classical-music lovers.
As always, the opening of the Mstislav Rostropovich Festival takes place on March 27th, the day of Father's birthday. This has become a tradition to which I steadfastly adhere. This year's programme also boasts continuity with contributions from wonderful musicians, dazzling soloists, and the greatest Symphony orchestras. Indeed, each time I come to programme the Festival concerts, it is as if I am in dialogue with my Father. I feel his support as hidden advisor in everything I do. Of course this is natural: after all, we always understood each other without needing to use words.
Father loved Moscow and Russian audiences, whom he considered to be widely knowledgeable and very demanding, while also being loyal and warm in their appreciation and gratitude. The Mstislav Rostropovich Festival is for us all, and for Muscovites in particular, a wonderful celebration. I believe that it is now at the beginning of a long and brilliant history.
My heartfelt thanks to the Ministry of Culture, the Government of Moscow and the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow, as well as to all participants and friends of the Festival.
May this year’s Mstislav Rostropovich International Festival be a joyful and inspiring experience for you all!

Artistic Director of the Festival
Olga Rostropovich

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